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Vert Shock: Before and after 8 weeks of training

I have done it! 8 weeks of Vert Shock are behind me. I have made a first video of myself dunking on a basket in the gym we have played league games before. So it's official: I can dunk on a regular 10ft rim! My teammates couldn't believe their eyes!

This blog post is going to be rather short because I plan to write a long review in the next week were I am going to recap everything I learned about Vert Shock and dunking in general.

Last time I wrote a blog entry I was at the end of week 6 and I was feeling really tired and not explosive at all. Thats why I decided to take two days off and rest my body to make sure I would not injure myself on the final two weeks. After that two-day break I did feel a lot better, but I still didn't have all the explosiveness and springiness I had in weeks prior. But I figured I would just complete the 8 weeks of Vert Shock, there is enough time to rest afterwards!

The weather has been absolutely horrible this past week here.  So I wasn't able to test my new vertical jump height on the same rim I used in all my videos before. But I was able to make a quick 10 second video during basketball practice, the quality is a bit shaky but you can see that I was dunking quite comfortably.

Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training

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My teammates were absolutely shocked by my new vertical 🙂 During the summer we have no official practices, but we have an open gym were we meet once or twice a week to play some 5vs5 basketball. They must have thought i was just watching TV and being lazy or something because I was not showing up a lot lately. What they didn't know: I was working on my dunks and needed all the rest I could possibly get!

It is safe to say that there are quite a few guys on my team who want to join me next summer if I do Vert Shock again:-)

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