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Week 1: Exercises of the Pre Shock Phase

In this post I will share my impressions after completing the first week of the Vert Shock program. I post a quick recap on how long the workouts took me and how intense the exercises were. 

​So, week 1 of the program is behind me. And I can tell you: My body is definitely shocked! This week has been really demanding and I can feel my body is still trying to adapt to this new training regime. Especially surprising to me was the fact that the training was so hard on the glutes. But hey, if this workout is not only increasing my vertical jump but also delivers a nice firm ass as a side-effect I won't complain πŸ˜‰ 

Workouts in week 1 

So week 1 is called the Pre Shock Phase and is supposed to shock the body and prepare it for the training in the following seven weeks. The great thing about the Vert Shock program is that you do not need to go to the gym. All exercises can be done without equipment, except one where you need a basketball (and if you want to dunk you should really have a basketball πŸ˜‰ )

I decided to do my workouts in a park nearby. There are enough benches for box jumps and the grass surface is definitely better for my joints. There even is a small hill for hill sprints!

The program had me working out on three days, then there was one day of rest followed by repeating the first three days of training. 

Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training

My Rating:

4.5 / 5 stars (read more)

The first two days concentrated on exercises that were all very closely related to jumping. However they focused on different aspects: some exercises emphasise speed and explosiveness (plyometrics) others are more geared towards power and strength (more useful for two-footed jumpers like me).  The third day was a full body workout especially targeting core strength. However, most of this workout was also done in an explosive matter, so you wont be doing minute-long planks if you are concerned about that (I hate planks!). 

​I usually did my workouts in the evening after work. Which was a great diversion from sitting in front of a computer at a desk all day. Including the dynamic warmup and cooldown, each training session took me about one hour. However I am sure I could have done this in 45 minutes if I was in a hurry. But I usually like to take my time when working out and I really enjoy the heck out of the breaks πŸ™‚

About the dynamic warmup i mentioned earlier: It is really important to follow that part closely as you don't want to pull a muscle or get another injury when performing intense jumping exercises. However, it turned out that I am too uncoordinated (or stupid) for some very simple warm up exercises. There were a few seniors having a walk in the park who must have thought I am drunk πŸ™‚ But I am hopeful that this will look a lot better in the coming weeks!

The subscribed exercises are very intense, but repetitions are rather low, so you won't be totally spent after a workout. I could totally see some gym rats doing their upper body workouts after the Vert Shock training. However I would't recommend heavy squats or deadlifts as your legs really need the time to regenerate.

Impressions after Week 1

  • Workouts take about 45-60 minutes including warmup and cooldown
  • Focus is on intensity, speed and explosiveness
  • Relatively low amount of repetitions
  • No Gym needed, all exercises can be done in a park
  • My glutes are really sore πŸ™‚


Results after week 1

Now I really didn't expect much improvement after only seven days of training. But the way my body feels right now, I don't think it would have made sense to go out there and make a video of some new dunk attempts. Right now I have a hard time walking without looking like a 70 years old grandpa. I hope that my body gets used to the new stress in the next week and that I will be able to post my first progress videos after week 2 of Vert Shock. 

However to compensate for the lack of a video with my first results I have created a video detailing my impressions of the Vert Shock program workouts in week 1. I hope you enjoy it:​

Looking forward

Even though I am completely sore right now I really enjoy the workouts and look forward to the next seven week of Vert Shock. And hopefully I will soon be able to deliver the fist video of a dunk!

​​So if you have any questions, suggestions or remarks please leave a comment, I will answer any questions! You can read my final review of Vert Shock here.

2 thoughts on “Week 1: Exercises of the Pre Shock Phase”

  1. Hey Andy. Really nice and helpful web man. I really enjoyed.
    I just started the week 1.
    I just wanted to know is it ok if i do vertshock before my skills training?
    Also, can I lift weights during the 8 weeks program?

    1. Sure you can do Vert Shock before your skills training, but maybe the other way round would be easier. Skill training with tired muscles can be hard πŸ™‚
      Upper body weightlifting shouldn’t be a problem, but I would avoid heavy leg (or core) lifting.

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