Week 6

Vert Shock results after 6 weeks of training

There's only two more weeks of Vert Shock ahead of me! But unfortunately after 6 weeks of Vert Shock my results have hit a plateau and I have actually regressed a little bit compared to week 5. My plan is to rest for a few days and then start the final push towards a 40 inch vertical!

It's been two weeks since my last blog post: Sow how did week 5 and 6 of Vert Shock go?

The workouts are almost a normal part of my daily routine by now. I usually do them in the evening after work in a nearby park, and so far I was really lucky that it was one of the driest German summers in a long time 🙂

During week 5 I was able to further increase my vertical jump and throw down some more dunks. My legs were really springy and jumping high had become so easy that I barely missed a dunk attempt! I already imagined myself throwing down violent coast-to-coast dunks like Russel Westbrook this upcoming season 🙂 Watch yourself:

But unfortunately week 6 didn't continue in that trend. For the first time during my Vert Shock training my vertical jump has decreased. I somehow just didn't have the same power and explosiveness in me this week. I just was really tired and my legs felt heavier than usual. 

Getting some rest

I think that my body is finally showing signs of overtraining after 30 workouts in 42 days.Thats why I plan to take 2-3 days off to really rest my legs and then start fresh into the final two weeks of Vert Shock. This way I hopefully eliminate any chance of suffering a stupid injury because of bad form due to exhaustion when doing the exercises or trying to dunk.

Off the backboard

Even though I didn't feel as good as I had hoped after week 6, I still tried to add a new dunk to my repertoire. Enjoy 🙂 : 

So, what do you think, does that count as a dunk? I am sure I will have that dunk down after I have completed all 8 weeks of Vert Shock!

Better traction = higher jumps?

One of the most important factors when trying to jump high is the traction of your shoes. If you have ever tried to jump on wet surface you know that there is no chance of jumping high on a slippery floor. Unfortunately the school where my team practices twice a week seems to be too broke to afford a janitor who wipes the floor. Because of that, the floor is oftentimes horribly dusty and you have to wipe off your shoes after every possession to have any chance of guarding your opponent.

As you can imagine these are not the best conditions if you want to test your vertical and show-off some dunks to your teammates. Especially if you have basketball shoes that are almost two years old and have little traction left... Thats why I bought me some new kicks, the new Kobe X - Blue Lagoon! And yes, I am a big fan of Kobe's shoe series, in fact I have never switched to another shoes after the Kobe IV.

Right now, the new shoes are still a little stiff and take some breaking in, but hopefully they will be in prime condition for the final two weeks of Vert Shock!

Also read my blog post about the best shoes for vertical jumping here​.

​My Vert Shock results after 6 weeks

Before Vert Shock

After 5 weeks

After 6 weeks


Max Running Vertical





Dunk attempt (both feet)





Right now, I am still 4-5 inches away from a 40 inch vertical jump. So it will take a great last two weeks to reach my goal. It will be interesting if maybe the rest during the next few days will lead to an increased vertical, as my body will finally be completely rested for the first time in 6 weeks. 

Find out my final results in the next blog post! Until then make sure to check out all my videos and subscribe to my youtube channel! You can read the final results of my Vert Shock experiment here.

16 thoughts on “Vert Shock results after 6 weeks of training”

  1. Hey man I’m in week five and before very shock I was two inches away from rim and in week three I grabbed rim with half of my hand, but since then it’s been a struggle to even touch the rim today was my first day touching rim since then, any idea what’s going on?

    1. So you increased your vertical significantly in the first 3 weeks, but now you can barely touch the rim? My guess would be that your body is just really exhausted of all the training. Did you feel tired when testing your vertical recently?
      The same thing happened to me after week 5. My vertical decreased by something like 2 inches because I was just really exhausted.
      If i were in your shoes I would just rest for a few days, I am sure your vertical will be back up to at least were it was in week 3!

      1. Thanks so much for the reply bro, so would you suggest I finish week 5 and then rest for how many days? I don’t physically feel tired but my legs just don’t feel as springy as week 3. And based on my results so far do you think I will be able to dunk at the end of the program?

        1. I just would take a break until i feel completely rested and full of energy again…
          Since you were already grabbing the rim with half of your hand after week 3 there is definitely a good chance that you will be dunking soon! But that really depends on a lot of things. One thing that hurts a lot of people (including me) is that they can’t jump as high with the ball, or that the dunking technique just sucks.

          1. Casen Matthews

            Hey guys, I am in the same situation, I’m at the end of week 3 and my legs don’t feel as springy. But I emailed Adam and he told me this is normal. He told me I should still be able to do this, and that rest isn’t completely necessary, but if you know your body and you need rest, take it.

  2. Hey Andy, it’s me again I have took two days rest so far and today I tested my vertical at its still stick at 34, I had a 37 when I touched rim, what should I be doing in these rest days and how many more days do you think I should rest?

    1. So I can only tell you what I did: I took two days off, after that I still didn’t feel perfect but I decided to just do the last remaining two weeks. There will be enough time to rest afterwards…
      I am not sure what I would do if I was in your situation where you still have 3 weeks o go… Did you think about sending an email to Adam Folker (creator of Vert Shock) ?

  3. Hello Andy my name is Riccardo and i just finished vertshock. i can dunk off a self alley opp backwards and basic two and one hand but i still cant dunk off the dribble. i did what u did and both off my wrists can touch the rim so do you have any tips of suggestions than can help me dunk off the dribble.

    1. Hey Ricardo! Are you not able to dunk because you can’t jump as high of the dribble or because you can’t control the ball while jumping? A good idea could be to grab a smaller ball like a volleyball or a football and try with those. I practiced a lot on a lower basket with everything from tennis balls to footballs when I was younger. I think that has really helped me with my dunk technique of the dribble!

  4. Hey andy its me again, I took the rest and I felt great now in week 6, yesterday and today my quads have been burning, im taking another few days off

  5. Hey Andy i was able to dunk one hand off one foot of the dribble the other day but i can’t do it consistently so i will try lowering the rim and practice dunking of the dribble. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Hey Andy, I’m 5’5 6’11 reach, i have done jump manual last year and touched the rim, I’ve been doing jump manual again for 3weeks now and can touch 10’2 and grab the rim. Should i continue jump manual? or get VertShock? I think I’m good at strength but lacking plyos techniques. I can’t do a good running jump i only benefit 1-2inches from running. And does VertShock requires box jumps equipment? because i don’t have access to a box jump or anything high enough to jump on to. thanks! this vid of me grabbing rim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLxP7f3b70k

    1. Hey Jay, impressive vertical jump! I think you definitely have a lot of untapped potential by improving your running jump technique!
      If you think you have already maxed out your strength and there is more room for improvement with plyometric exercises than Vert Shock could definitely help. However, depth jumps are absolutely required in any serious jump program. They are the most efficient plyometric exercise. And you don’t need large boxes for this, I used a small park bench for the exercises and that did the job well enough. You can check out pictures in this blog post: https://www.thehoopsgeek.com/vert-shock-program-week-1/

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