Andreas Rauh
Andreas Rauh
Published 29 August 2023

4 Low Clear

"4 Low Clear" is an inbounds play that becomes an isolation set for a driver out of 4-low alignment.

This is a simple set that can get the ball to one of your best playmakers and give them space to make a play.

Phase 1
  • 4 pops out to just beyond the elbow
  • 1 throws a lob pass over the top to 4
Phase 2

As soon as 4 catches it:

  • 5 is going behind the rim to the opposite block
  • 2 is cutting from the wing to the corner
  • 1 is cutting from out of bounds to the corner
  • 4 is facing the basket and driving to the rim
  • 4 can either score, pass to 5 if x5 helps, or kick out to 3 if x3 helps
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