Andreas Rauh
Andreas Rauh
Published 24 December 2023

4 Out - Ball Screens

  • Another rule you could add involves ball screens. A coach could instruct their players to follow their pass and go set a ball screen. This could be an option within the offense or a specific automatic action for certain players on the roster (post players, for example)
  • A roll to the rim would act just like any other basket cut in the aforementioned rules
  • Being able to use the a post player in the high post is very effective with ball screens - especially if they are random and not expected by the defense
Phase 1
  • 1 passes to 3
Phase 2
  • Players all fill the open spots
Phase 3
  • 5 sets a ball screen for 3 (5 rolls in this diagram but could also pop to the corner)
  • 4, 2, and 1 all rotate in the direction of the ball
Phase 4
  • 3 looks for 5 on the roll to the rim but also has kickout options in 1, 2, and 4
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