Andreas Rauh
Andreas Rauh
Published 24 December 2023

4 Out - Dribble At Backdoor

  • If a player with the ball dribbles at you, you must go backdoor.
  • Just like the backdoor cut mentioned above, the same rules for a normal basket cut apply here: cut all the way through, cut and fill to next spot, other players rotate to open spot
  • Players must understand the difference between their teammates driving and attacking the rim and dribbling at themA north and south dribble to the rim is a drive
  • An east and west dribble to the side is a dribble at
  • A good rule here would be that if a player dribbles directly at you and they are above the 3-point line, go backdoor.
  • A key here is the spacing of the inside player. If this player sees a backdoor cut happening, they need to open up space for this pass by filling up and leaving the rim open.

Phase 1
  • 2 is being denied by x2
  • 1 dribbles at 2
  • 2 goes backdoor for layup