Andreas Rauh
Andreas Rauh
Published 24 December 2023

4 Out - Off Ball Screens

  • You can add a rule that states: once the ball is passed, the passer must set a screen away from the ball.
  • The cutter who uses the screen now becomes the cutter to the rim and the same basic rules apply.
  • When first installing this, it might be wise for the coach to instruct the player who is receiving the screen to always curl tight to the rim. Once this is mastered, the coach can give more freedom to the players to make their own reads and reactions (popping, flaring, rejecting the screen, slips, etc.)
  • Also, for the screener, coaches should emphasize popping back out following the screen. Oftentimes the screener defender will help on the cut to the rim. This allows the screener to pop out and be open for a shot - and sometimes a drive to the rim against a recovering defender closing out.
Phase 1
  • 1 passes to 2
Phase 2
  • Instead of cutting to the rim, 1 screens away for 2
  • 2 tight curls to the rim
Phase 3
  • Everyone else fills the next open spot
  • 1 comes back to the ball, 4 replaces 1, 2 replaces 4
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