Andreas Rauh
Andreas Rauh
Published 29 August 2023

Barcelona Zone BLOB

This is a inbounds play run by Barcelona against a zone defense.

This BLOB is a good way to put pressure on the zone in multipe areas.

Phase 1
  • 3 cuts hard to the corner (if x3 stays low, 1 can pass to them for the open shot)
  • Once 3 gets out of the lane, 5 screens x5.
  • 5's goal is to completely take x5 out of the play.
  • When 5 sets the screen, this opens up the lane for 4 to cut to an open space.
Phase 2
  • Now, x3 must decide whether or not to take the best shooter on the floor (3) or the player cutting down the lane (4).
  • 2 cuts behind the defense as a safety valve if nothing develops.