Andreas Rauh
Andreas Rauh
Published 12 March 2024

Basic 2-3 Zone Defense Rotations

The 2-3 zone is the most popular and well-known zone defense. It can be used as a way to change pace, slow down a more aggressive team, or equal the playing field. It can also be used as a way to showcase your athleticism and length, force turnovers, and make teams uncomfortable.

Player Responsibilities

These are the basic zones of responsibility of each player

3 Out / 2 Low Formation

Basic initial formation

Ball Rotation to the Wing

O1 passes to 2.

  • x1 closes out on 2 and keeps the ball in front
  • x2 takes the elbow and doesn't allow any passes to the middle
  • x3 marks 5
  • x4 rotates to get in between 4 and the ball
  • x5 takes the middle of the zone
Ball on the Wing Formation
Ball Rotation to the Corner

O2 passes to O5 (after O5 and O4 have cut)

Ball in the Corner Formation
Ball Rotation to the Other Wing

All defenders must SPRINT to their next spots on any skip passes.

  • x4 guards O3 and then "bumps" to the corner when x2 arrives
  • x2 takes the ball
  • x1 sprints to take the high post
  • x5 covers the ball side block
  • x3 covers the weakside and diagonal
Offense Rotation to the Strong Side

O4 cuts to the high post.

O5 cuts to the corner.

  • x2 stays on the ball
  • x4 covers the corner area
  • x5 stays between O5 and the ball
  • x1 covers the elbow
  • x3 covers the backside of the zone
Formation with Forward at the Elbow