Andreas Rauh
Andreas Rauh
Published 29 August 2023

Princeton Point - Away

Princeton Point - Away is one of the basic actions of the Princeton Point Series.

Phase 1

After the initiating action from Point:

  • 1 sets a screen for 3 (1 cuts IN and then OUT to get the proper angle)
  • 3 uses 1's screen
  • In this clip, 3 rejects the screen and goes backdoor. This is the most common action.
  • 3 can also tight curl around the screen.
  • 5 looks for 3 on the cut or for 3 posting up in the lane
Phase 2
  • 1 pops out
  • 5 passes to 1 (1 will sometimes be open for a shot here or able to rip and drive opposite)
  • 3 finishes the cut to opposite corner
Phase 3
  • 5 follows the pass to 1 with a ball screen (or runs dribble handoff with 1)
  • 5 rolls to the rim
  • 4 replaces
  • 1 looks to make the play

What you do after this is up to what you run offensively. You can flow into Princeton, run another concept based offense, or pull it back out to "set it up".

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