What is Standing Reach – And How Do You Measure it Correctly?

Often times NBA players are described as “undersized” or “out of position.” Analysts see these players as smaller than the average player at their position, and therefore at a disadvantage. However, this classification of players has a serious shortcoming. When it comes to playing basketball, the actual height of a player is not as important as one might think. Far more important are their standing reach and wingspan!

In this article, I want to explain how to measure standing reach correctly. I have also created a standing reach calculator designed to tell you your estimated standing reach depending on your height.

What is standing reach?

Standing reach measures how high someone can reach with their hands while standing flat-footed. It is an important measurement for basketball players because it determines how easily they can get off shots against a defender. A good standing reach is also very helpful on defense, as it allows to deter shots, deflect passes or make highlight blocks with greater ease.

How do you measure standing reach?

To measure your standing reach, stand with your side to a wall and reach up as far as you can with the hand closer to the wall. Make sure your feet remain flat on the floor (otherwise you are falsely increasing your standing reach). If you are measuring the standing reach of others, as part of a vertical jump test, make sure the athlete is really reaching up as far as possible. An erroneously low standing reach would artificially inflate the vertical jump measurement.

Measuring standing reach is always the first step of measuring vertical jump using a Vertec or the Jump & Reach test. If the standing reach is known, vertical jump height can easily be calculated by subtracting the standing reach from the maximum jumping reach. You can also calculate how high you need to jump in order to dunk. Check out my dunk calculator to find out more.

Is standing reach proportional to height?

As I mentioned earlier, basketball players are often judged by their height. But, is there a standard standing reach - height ratio?

On draftexpress.com there is a list of all available measurements of the NBA Pre Draft Combine. If we take all players who have their height as well as their standing reach listed, we get the following distribution of the ratio of standing reach/height:

Relationship between standing reach and height:

As we can see, almost 50% of the basketball players have a reach-to-height ratio of between 1.32 and 1.35. The median basketball player in the NBA Draft Combine has a standing reach about 1.335 times as long as their height. This means the average 6 ft tall basketball player should have a standing reach around 8 feet.

But, the graph also shows there are players with far longer arms than others. Two extreme examples are Luol Deng (who at 6'7" was measured with an 9' 0.5" standing reach) and Matt Barnes (6' 6.75" with a standing reach of only 8' 0.5"). That's a one-foot difference in standing reach even though both players are basically the same height!

Granted, this could be explained by inaccurate measurements or an attempt to game the measurement of the vertical jump, but it still shows you can't just deduce standing reach from the height.

Calculate your expected standing reach depending on your height:

Knowing the relationship between standing reach and height we can also do some fun calculations! For example, we can calculate the average expected standing reach depending on your height. This way you can find out if you have comparably long or short arms.

Standing Reach Calculator:
Put in your height:
ft in
Your expected standing reach is:
8 feet 0 inches

If you know your standing reach, you can easily find out how your standing reach stacks up with the average professional basketball player. If it is significantly shorter, don't worry. NBA players probably have longer arms than the average population.

This standing reach calculator is also part of the "What's My Vertical" iOS App which you can get here.

Current NBA player with the longest (and shortest) standing reach:

Unfortunately, there are no official measurements of all NBA players available. But, going from pre-draft measurements, we come to the following conclusions:

Current NBA player with the longest standing reach (as of March 2017) :

Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz has the longest standing reach with an incredible measurement of 9' 9".That's only 3 inches shy of the rim - no wonder he is leading the league in blocks per game!

Current NBA player with the shortest standing reach (as of March 2017) :

On the other end of the spectrum is Tyler Ullis. The rookie of the Phoenix Suns is only 5'9" tall and he doesn't have long arms either!

His standing reach of only 7' 4.75" is even a lot shorter than the 7' 7.5" standing reach of Isiah Thomas who is also only 5'9" tall.

Any questions about standing reach left? Leave your question in the comment section, I will answer them as soon as possible!

34 thoughts on “What is Standing Reach – And How Do You Measure it Correctly?”

  1. Daniel Merran

    My standing reach is 7 feet 7 inches and I’m 6 feet

    1. Andy

      I am also 6ft tall but have a standing reach of about 7’11”. Just shows you that there really isn’t a universal relationship between height and standing reach.

      1. Some dummy

        These standards aren’t very good because the population was elite level basketball players. Not average men or even college athletes. The data is far too skewed to actually use.

        I’ve been told by multiple physios that I have notably long arms. My arms are 31.5″ but my standing reach is barely 7’6″, at 5’10” exactly.

        If anything, average standing reach is much closer to 7′ than 8′.

        1. Andy

          The data is certainly a little skewed towards longer arms, but I mention that in the article as well. But for me, (and a lot of other people), the estimates are pretty good. I’m about 6ft and my standing reach is 7’11

        2. Dun Dada

          I am also 5’10” and my standing reach is 7’6″ – this makes me feel much better. Lol

      2. seth curry

        yea but it is close to get an idea of what it is.

    2. Dallin

      I’m 5’6 and mine is 7’6 inches

    3. Carlos

      I’m 5’8 and I have a standing reach of 7’7

      1. Michael

        I’m 5’7″ and I have a standing reach of 8’1″

  2. bailey

    mine is ft8 4.1inches

  3. Rod

    I’m 5’11 and have a reach of 8 feet

  4. Shakk

    I’m 5’11” and my reach is 7’ 10”

  5. Dan

    5’10″/7’6″ :/

  6. anonymous

    im 7 foot and have a reach of 11 foot?

    1. Andy

      That’s crazy!

    2. tojj

      Im 7foot3 and have a 12 foot

  7. Ethan

    I’m 5’4″ and have a standing reach of 7’10”

  8. Aarav Girase

    I am 7’3 with a reach of 13 feet

    1. Okeem

      No you don’t

  9. 6 ‘3” standing reach of 8’4”

  10. Noah

    Its aight im 5″10 and only have a standing reach of 7″4.5

    1. Jonathan Williams

      5’10” with a standing reach of 7’3”

  11. Jodie Murray

    im 8 foot with a standing reach of ¨11 feet¨, height and standing reach are not always gonna be the same/equivalent. every dream is possible, just use a rack torture device to increase height and arm length boys.

  12. Mo-7

    well, i’m considered a long hand person, i barely seen among people i met in my life with longer hand than mine. yet my reach is 232, with height of 5’8.5 and its a bit unaccurate to consider me as normal, because i know many taller persons who can reach even the tip of my hand! the data calculator is not even clos to average, it’s for basketball players maybe!?

  13. Im 3’10 and I have a standing reach of 42’3 is that good :’/

  14. I just got my first dunk today at 5’4 with with an 8’0 standing reach is that good?

    1. Andy

      That’s insane!

  15. If I’m 6’1 with a 6’7 wingspan at 14 what’s my standing reach?

    1. Andy

      Why don’t you just measure it? The calculator just gives you an idea what a typical standing reach would be.

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  19. Eric

    Maybe a dumb question but do you guys mesure with shoes on or off? I’m asking cuz nba players height used to be measured in shoes

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