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Basketball Coaching
The most intuitive browser app to draw up basketball plays and share them with other coaches or your players
Try Our Free Basketball Play Creator
Draw & animate basketball plays
Basketball Rotation Planner
Create a rotation chart for you basketball team using an intuitive drag&drop interface
Equal Playing Time Generator
Distribute playing time fairly among your players
Basketball Play Library
A library of animated basketball plays for every situation.
Basketball Shoes
There are a ton of shoe reviews out there on the internet. I read them all, summed up the ratings and ended up with a list of the 10 best basketball shoes.
The Top Outdoor Basketball Shoes
Find the best shoes that can take the beating of playing on blacktop
The Best Basketball Shoes under $100
Check out the best affordable basketball shoes on the market!
The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support
Finding shoes that protect you from ankle sprains.
Answer a few simple questions and we will recommend the shoes that works best for your style of play.
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Get the App and stay up-to-date with the latest performance basketball shoes.
Basketball & the NBA
Check the average height of NBA players by position and year. Find out why NBA players are getting smaller in recent years!
Best 3-Point Shooters of All Time in the NBA
I created a super geeky formula to find the best 3-point shooter!
How Much Do NBA Players Make? Average Salary from 1990-2022
Just how rich are NBA players really? Let’s find out!
How long is an NBA game?
How long does it take to watch an NBA game?
The History and Evolution of the Three-Point Shot
Learn everything about the shot that changed the game.
Vertical Jump Training
Read about my experience with the Vert Shock vertical jump training program and find out what it takes to make your first dunk!
Make your first dunk!
Dunk Calculator
Find out how high you need to jump to make a dunk.
Vertical Jump Analyzer
Measure your vertical jump height using video analysis.
Best Vertical Jump Training
The big showdown: Vert Shock vs the Jump Manual
What's My Vert iPhone App
Use your iPhone to measure your vertical jump height.
Learn How to Jump Higher
Improve your vertical jump with plyometrics and bodyweight exercises.