The Top 5 Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops

When I was around 12 years old my parents mounted a basketball hoop to the top of our garage. From that day on, our driveway turned into a basketball court where I spent countless days shooting hoops with my brother and the neighbor kids. Over 20 years later this basketball hoop is still there and whenever I visit my parents I make sure to grab an old basketball and have a fun shoot-around.

This story illustrates the biggest advantage of garage-mounted hoops – they are super durable! But there are other advantages (and a few cons too) compared to in-ground or portable basketball hoops.

Make sure to read the whole article to learn what you need to look out for when you’re in the market for a wall-mounted basketball hoop.

The Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops:

Basketball HoopHeightBackboard SizeOverhangBackboard MaterialPrice
Lifetime 48"Fixed48"NoPolycarbonate $199.99
Silverback NXT 547.5' - 10'54"24"-32"Polycarbonate $399.99
Goalsetter BaselineFixed54"/60"/72" 7.5"Glass or Acrylic from $1,049.99
Goalsetter Adjustable Hoop6'-1048"/54"/60"/72"33" - 44"Glass or Acrylic from $1,799.99
Goalsetter Fixed HoopFixed54"/60"/72"36"Glass or Acrylic $2,069.99
* Prices are for the backboard size in bold

What to look for:

There are a lot of things you want to consider when looking for the best wall-mounted basketball hoop. In the following paragraphs, I want to talk about the most important ones.


1. Size of the backboard

In college or the NBA, the backboard is 72″ wide and 42″ high. But unless you have a 3-car garage and a huge driveway, these regulation backboards are probably too much and will just look out of place.

In general, smaller backboards below 54 inches are okay for beginners or when you just want to shoot some free throws and you don’t take the game too seriously.

For more experienced players I would recommend at least a 54″ backboard or even better 60″ as it allows you much more creativity under the basket and just feels more like the real thing.

2. The material of the backboard

Backboards are usually made of either one of these three materials:

Polycarbonate is a fancy name for plastic and is most often used for beginner basketball hoops because it is the cheapest option for the manufacturer. It has one significant advantage: it is almost indestructible and, therefore, a great option if you are looking for a basic hoop that will last you for years.

If you want a high-quality basket, however, plastic has a few problems. The rebound effect is pretty bad, which means the ball basically stops dead once it hits the backboard. Also, the look of plastic boards just screams “kids hoops” and the material tends to get yellow after being exposed to UV rays for a while.

Acrylic backboards are a definite step up from cheap polycarbonate backboards. The better transparency offers a much more professional look. Unfortunately, acrylic is a very soft material and will pick up scratches over time, which will slowly spoil the great look.

Acrylic is very popular with hoops in the moderate price range because it offers a good rebound of the ball, isn’t as heavy as tempered glass and easier to handle as it doesn’t shatter as quickly.

Tempered glass is the material of choice used in professional basketball hoops all over the world. It is by far the heaviest material used in backboards and requires a solid support structure to support its weight. In return, you are rewarded with the best playing experience by far, with a true rebound response which makes layups and bank shots so much more satisfying.

On top of these advantages, tempered glass doesn’t scratch easily and keeps its clean look forever, unlike other materials which tend to yellow out after being exposed to the sun for too long. Just need to be careful during the installation no to shatter the glass backboard!

3. Overhang of the backboard

The overhang describes the distance between the backboard and the support pole. If the offset is too small, it is easy to crash into the basketball post after a layup or dunk attempt.

If you want to install the hoop on the top of a garage you might get away with a basket that is installed directly onto the wall and offers basically no overhang as you can just open the garage to give players extra space under the basket. This has the additional benefit that these hoops are cheaper and more stable.

Otherwise, make sure to get a hoop that has at least 2 feet of overhang or you won’t be able to make a layup without crashing into the wall!

This hoop has a generous 3-feet overhang.


The rim diameter of 18 inches is the same for every hoop on the market. But from flimsy static single rims to sturdy covered breakaway rims there’s a wide variety of build quality out there!

The standard rim is simply screwed onto the backboard. This construction gives the rim a lot of stability, but it also results in hard bounces. Be prepared to chase long rebounds!

You also don’t want to dunk on a rim like that, where all the force is transmitted (unchecked) onto the backboard. On rims like these, it is easy to injure your hands or tear down a part of the backboard.

Breakaway basketball rims with compression springs dampen the bounce of your shots, resulting in the “soft touch” every shooter loves. If you plan to dunk on your basketball hoop, a breakaway rim is mandatory. These rims come in two different variations: cheaper versions with exposed compression springs or more expensive and more durable rims with covered springs offering better rust protection.

Fixed or Adjustable Height?

A regular basketball hoop is installed at a height of 10 feet but a lot of wall-mounted basketball hoops allow you to adjust their height to as low as 6 feet. That’s a great option for kids who are not yet strong enough to shoot on a regular hoop or if you want to have fun dunking on a lower hoop!

The only downside of height-adjustable hoops is that the mechanism often introduces a little bit of instability to the construction which can result in a little more shaking compared to fixed-height hoops.

Alright, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular wall-mounted basketball hoops:

Basketball Hoop
Build Quality: starstar_halfstar_border
  • Cheap option for kids or beginners
  • Thin & light Polycarbonate backboard
  • Breakaway rim for softer bounces
Best Price:
Buy from DICK's
Build Quality: starstarstar_border
  • Great bang for your buck option
  • Adjustable from 7.5 -10 feet
  • 24″-32″ overhang allows under the basket action
Best Price:
Buy on Amazon
Build Quality: starstarstar
  • No rattling or shaking at all
  • Great if you are working with limited space
  • Will last a very long time
Best Price:
Buy on Amazon
+1 more store
Deals for Goalsetter Baseline
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Build Quality: starstarstar
  • At least 33″ overhang allows enough space for baseline reverse layups
  • Great hoop for kids as it lowers all the way to 6 feet
  • Excellent build quality
Best Price:
Buy on Amazon
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Deals for Goalsetter Adjustable Hoop
These links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Prices last updated on October 25, 2021 22:48
Build Quality: starstarstar
  • Saves $80 compared to the same adjustable Goalsetter model
  • Super sturdy and stable
  • Lifetime guarantee
Best Price:
Buy from DICK's

Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for every Budget

Lifetime 48 Slam It

Technical Specifications:
Backboard Size:48 inches
Backboard Material:Polycarbonate
Rim:Uncovered Breakaway
Price: $199.99 from DICK's

The Lifetime hoop is the cheapest one in this article and it shows. The backboard is a thin sheet of Polycarbonate glued to a steel frame. It feels a bit flimsy in hand and will get yellow if it is exposed to sun for a long time.

Another downside is the relatively short 48-inch width of the backboard which makes shooting high layups or bank shots from narrow angles more difficult, especially if you are used to professional indoor basketball hoops.

The rim is a breakaway rim that dampens your shot nicely (but not too much) and saves your hands if you plan to hang on the rim (which is probably not a good idea).

This product ships without a mounting bracket so make sure to order the universal Lifetime mounting bracket unless you are a very experienced craftsman. Even then, the instructions are not super clear and it will take 2-3 workers and around 3 hours if all goes well. If you can afford it, it might make sense to hire contractors to do the job to spare your nerves.

Overall, I would recommend the Lifetime 48″ only for kids and beginners or if you are on a tight budget. Check the next hoop in this article for a hoop that’s only a little more expensive and offers much higher build quality and more fun!

Price: $199.99
Buy from DICK's

Silverback NXT 54

Technical Specifications:
Backboard Size:54 inches
Backboard Material:Polycarbonate
Overhang:24" to 32"
Rim:Covered Breakaway
Height:7.5 - 10 feet
Price: $399.99 on Amazon

Silverback is the budget-friendly brand of basketball hoop manufacturer Goalrilla which is known for its excellent products. And you can tell right away when you unpack the (giant) box: everything is neatly organized, labeled, and well protected. The instructions are also accurate, clear, and give the confidence to install it the right way. Just be aware that you might need to reinforce your wall with two 2×6’s or a similar structure where you can screw the mounting bracket onto. (You can check the amazon reviews for a few examples of how other customers did that)

The NXT 54 comes with a 54″ backboard made from Polycarbonate (even though it’s falsely advertised as Acrylic in some online shops) that offers a decent rebound. It doesn’t feel quite as good as the heavier tempered glass backboards you might be used to from indoor gyms but that’s something you have to expect at this price range.

The 54-inch width is big enough to allow high layups, floaters, and bank shots but small enough so that it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space in your driveway.

The ability to adjust the height from 7.5′ to 10′ makes this a super versatile hoop. You can have an intense game on a regulation hoop, have a fun dunking contest at 9 feet, or have your young kids practice at the lowest setting. The mechanism is super easy to use and can be operated even by kids as long as they have a small ladder or chair to reach the crank. Unfortunately, it also adds a little bit of shaking, especially on longer shots.

Overall, the Silverback NXT 54 offers great bang for your buck. It’s much cheaper compared to more professional hoops and if you can deal with a little bit of shaking and the slightly thin Polycarbonate backboard you get a well-built product that will offer a lot of fun for many years to come!

Price: $399.99
Buy on Amazon

Goalsetter Baseline Hoop

Technical Specifications:
Backboard Size:54", 60" or 72"
Backboard Material:Acrylic or Glass
Rim:Breakaway or static
Price: from $1,049.99

The Goalsetter Baseline is more than twice the price compared to the Silverback, but if your budget allows it, it’s clearly worth the upgrade! This is a super sturdy and heavy hoop (172lbs in the 54-inch glass version) that offers the perfect playing experience that you are used to from indoor hoops. There is no rattling or shaking and hanging on the rim after a dunk is no problem either!

What I really like about Goalsetter products is their modularity. You can pick different backboard sizes (54″ / 60″ / 72″), backboard materials (acrylic or glass) and rims (4 different models) to create your perfect hoop. Prices for the “Baseline” model vary from $749 for the 54-inch, glass version all the way up to $1099 for the 72-inch acrylic version with a collegiate rim.

Compared to other hoops, the “Baseline” model comes with a minimal 7.5″ offset to the wall that it’s screwed onto. This might be advantageous if you are dealing with very limited space or an overhanging wall or roof where you have enough space under the basket anyway. I wouldn’t recommend this hoop if you plan to put it straight onto a plain wall as it makes running layups basically impossible.

If you don’t need the ability to adjust the height of your hoop and the minimal overhang is not an issue, this is the hoop that I would pick personally. You will never need to buy another hoop and the playing experience is just great!

Price: $1,049.99
Buy on Amazon
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Goalsetter Adjustable Height Hoop

Technical Specifications:
Backboard Size:48", 54", 60" or 72"
Backboard Material:Acrylic or Glass
Overhang:33" - 44"
Rim:Breakaway or static
Price: from $1,799.99

Now we reached the point in the article where things are getting truly luxurious. The adjustable height hoops of Goalsetter are not cheap, but once you see them in action you’ll know why. These things are massive. The 60-inch, glass version comes in at a hefty 260lbs!

The installation manual is detailed and easy to follow but it takes 3 strong adults and a few hours to install this hoop. The first step in the installation is to attach the rear bracket to your house and no hardware is provided for that so you might need to get a bit creative here (or hire some experienced contractors).

If you have enough space, I would go for at least the 60-inch version, it doesn’t take up a lot more space compared to the 54-inch version but the bigger backboard makes a difference with shots from narrow angles and just feels a little more like the real thing.

The distance of the backboard to the wall is between 33″ (at 10 feet height) to 44″ (at 8 feet height) which allows you to drive baseline and do a reverse layup under the basket without a problem.

If you have young kids that are in love with basketball, this is the perfect hoop. You can lower the hoop all the way to 6-feet so that even they youngest ones should have a lot of fun with this hoop, and if you have kids of different ages they can easily adjust the height on their own. The excellent build quality also means that you will never need to buy another hoop as this one should last for ages!

Price: $1,799.99
Buy on Amazon
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Goalsetter Fixed Height Hoop

Technical Specifications:
Backboard Size:54", 60" or 72"
Backboard Material:Acrylic or Glass
Rim:Breakaway or static
Price: $2,069.99 from DICK's

The Goalsetter Fixed Height hoops are basically the same models as the adjustable height hoops only that the adjustable bar has been replaced with a bar of fixed length. Across all models, the ability to adjust height costs you $80 more.

So, the decision which one to buy is simple as that: Is it worth $80 for you to be able to adjust the height your hoop? For me the choice is easy, dunking on a 9ft hoop is just way too much fun:-)

If you want to get a better idea of the Goalsetter hoops in action check out this Youtube video:

Goalsetter GS72 Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop
Price: $2,069.99
Buy from DICK's

Final Thoughts

So which hoop should you pick?

If you are a beginner or you don’t think that the hoop will be used that much, I would go with the Silverback as it offers the best bang for your buck and will do the job just fine if you don’t take basketball too serious.

For more ambitious basketball players I would recommend going for a Goalsetter system. They are more expensive, but they will last forever (offer a lifetime guarantee!) and offer a lot better playing experience for dedicated hoopers!

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