The Best Cheap Basketball Shoes – Top Performance Picks under $100

Your last pair of basketball sneakers has absolutely no traction left, you had to glue the outer-sole back onto the upper, and the cushioning has completely bottomed out?

Believe me, I've been there! I like to wear my shoes as long as physically possible because finding new and affordable basketball shoes is something I do NOT enjoy. There are so many different models to choose from and hunting for the best bargain can be a real time sink.

Why is this resource more helpful than others?

Usually, if you write an article about cheap basketball shoes it is already outdated a few days later. New shoes are released all the time, older models get huge rebates and online stores offer great discount codes from time to time

To prevent this article from being useless in a week, I coded a tool that checks the prices on the most popular basketball shoe stores and updates them daily.

The following list shows you the best basketball shoes currently available under $100 ordered by the average rating of their performance.

If you want to find more cheap basketball shoes, you can check out the complete list of shoes here.

  • 9.2 rating based on 4 expert reviews
  • The Jordan 36 Low performs almost identically to the Jordan 36.
  • Awesome shoe for players with explosive play styles looking for the extra lift when jumping.
  • 9.0 rating based on 9 expert reviews
  • The Nike KD 15 is a shoe that has something for every type of player.
  • Best for players looking for a shoe that covers all the bases.
  • 8.9 rating based on 4 expert reviews
  • Following the footsteps of the original Puma MB.01, the low-top remains one of the top performance options on the market.
  • Players who want an all-around performer with no weaknesses.
  • 8.9 rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • The Curry Flow 9 manages to improve on its impressive predecessor.
  • Great shoe if you rely on traction and court feel.
  • 8.7 rating based on 6 expert reviews
  • The LeBron NXXT Gen has grippy traction and responsive cushioning.
  • This shoe is a good pick for players who don't need maximum cushioning but still want Zoom.
  • 8.7 rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • The TWO WXY V3 is one of New Balance's best basketball shoes because of its fit and traction.
  • Shifty guards who rely on traction will love this shoe.
  • 8.5 rating based on 10 expert reviews
  • The Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2 continues to offer plenty of cushioning and solid overall performance.
  • Shifty players who enjoy lots of cushioning
  • 8.5 rating based on 11 expert reviews
  • The Jordan Luka 1 offers fantastic traction and tons of lateral support.
  • Recommended for players that use a lot of side steps and other lateral movements.
  • 8.5 rating based on 5 expert reviews
  • Traction on the TWO WXY V2 is outstanding, but the other features don't disappoint.
  • Ideal for players willing to give up some cushion for the other performance aspects fundamentals will enjoy this shoe.
  • 8.5 rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • The Nike Kyrie 8 is a welcome improvement in the Kyrie lineup.
  • Best for players looking for a shoe with no real weaknesses.
  • 8.4 rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • The Nike Cosmic Unity 2s materials make the shoe an improvement from last year's model, but only slightly.
  • Players that want cushioning but also want to feel low to the ground
  • 8.4 rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • One of the best Harden models to date
  • Great shoe for fans of the full-length Boost setup
  • 8.4 rating based on 6 expert reviews
  • Paul George's signature shoe line continues its consistent run.
  • Best for players looking for a well-balanced performance shoe.
  • 8.4 rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • The Jordan Zoom Separate is a great option for specific types of players.
  • Best for forefoot heavy players that need the cushion.
  • 8.3 rating based on 4 expert reviews
  • The Puma Stewie 2 is similar to the MB.02. The traction and cushioning are the best features.
  • This shoe is best for players looking for a low-cut version of the MB.02.
  • 8.3 rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • The Jordan 37 Low offers the same performance as the 37 for a lower price.
  • A perfect selection for players who want bouncy cushioning in a low-top shoe.
  • 8.3 rating based on 6 expert reviews
  • The Nike Zoom Freak 4 is a worthy upgrade in Giannis Antetokounmpo's line.
  • Players looking for solid performance and springy cushioning on a budget will enjoy this shoe.
  • 8.3 rating based on 8 expert reviews
  • The Air Jordan 37 is a top performer with bouncy forefoot cushioning and strong materials.
  • Recommended for forefoot-heavy players looking for a bouncy setup
  • 8.3 rating based on 9 expert reviews
  • The Jordan Zion 2 is a supportive shoe with traction to boot.
  • Recommended for players that rely on lateral cuts and movements.
  • 8.3 rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • The excellent traction and light materials make for an excellent budget-friendly option.
  • A great pick for players that rely on quick footwork.

How do you find great deals?

Budget Models or Shoes From Last Season

Find well-performing budget models at an affordable list price or older models that sell for a much-reduced price because their successor is already out. Well-known budget models like the Nike Zoom Rise, or Under Armour Charged Controller are not backed by signature players and retail for around $100.

These models often perform just as well as much more expensive signature line shoes but save money by focusing on more affordable materials, less cutting-edge tech, and a much smaller marketing budget.

On the other hand, you can find signature shoes like Air Jordans or the Kobe line that often entered the market at almost $200 for half their price if you are willing to wait for a year.

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How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

In order to find the shoes that provide the best value we need to know two things about each shoe: price and performance. I put a lot of time and effort in creating a basketball shoe database that contains average review scores from sources like,, and many popular sneaker Youtube Channels. This database also pulls current prices from online shops. This allows me to easily find affordable sneakers that got the thumbs up from real shoe experts.

You can check out the complete list of basketball shoes here.

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