The Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding basketball shoes that fit your wide feet can be a real pain. Most performance sneakers are cut slightly narrow to ensure a tight fit for athletes with regularly wide feet. If you are a wide-footer, this can be really annoying as an average pair of shoes will probably fit very uncomfortably and you will have to deal with blisters and pressure marks. But fortunately, there are still a few basketball shoes that cater to wide-footers.

In this article, I am going to show you five current basketball sneakers that should fit comfortably, even if you have “Shrek” feet!

How to find shoes that work for wide feet?

Your favorite player released a new signature sneaker and you found a colorway that is so nice, you need to have it? The only problem: the shoe is not made for wide feet…

Can you still make it work?

Look for stretchy upper materials

Many shoes come with different materials depending on which colorway you get. So if you have a pair of shoes that are only slightly narrow, going for a stretchy material like a knit or woven will accommodate wide feet much better than firm mesh or synthetic leather.

On the other hand, there are basketball shoes like the KD signature line that run so narrow that you just can’t make it work as a wide-footer. If you want to know how your favourite shoe runs, check out the shoe overview I have created here. Click on any shoe and to see a profile of the shoe that tells you whether it runs wide, regular or narrow.

Basketball Shoes for Wide-Footers

How did I come up with this list?

I am continuously recording every basketball shoe review that is released on sites like, and on popular sneaker Youtube channels. So far this database includes 196 shoes and 877 reviews!

Whenever a reviewer mentions that a shoe runs wide (or narrow) this is entered into a database. This allows me to automatically create a list of current shoes (last updated on Jan 19, 2022) that were identified as wide by sneaker experts (ranked by average overall rating):

  • 8.7 rating based on 6 expert reviews
  • The huge Max Air unit in the heel and 2 Zoom Air units in the forefoot provide crazy cushioning
  • Top choice if you are looking for a comfortable, supportive shoe with a ton of impact protection

  • 8.5 rating based on 3 expert reviews
  • The Adidas Exhibit A is a solid new entry into Adidas's non-signature basketball shoe lineup.
  • Great for players that have a quick and shifty play style.

  • 8.4 rating based on 2 expert reviews
  • The D Rose 11 is a solid all-around performer with nice cushion and traction
  • Great for wide footers or those who prefer a roomier fit.

  • 8.1 rating based on 5 expert reviews
  • Joel Embiid's first signature shoe is a solid all around performer.
  • Great for any position or player looking for a responsive shoe.

  • 7.9 rating based on 3 expert reviews
  • Damian Lillard's latest shoe is fun but inconsistent.
  • Recommended if you play on clean courts and looking for comfortable, supportive shoes.

Let’s take a closer look:

1. Nike Lebron 17

Performance Rating:
The huge Max Air unit in the heel and 2 Zoom Air units in the forefoot provide crazy cushioning
Overall rating based on 6 reviews
Insanely comfortable cushioning
Premium upper materials
Steep $200 retail price
What do the experts think?
The Lebron 17 is one of the most expensive basketball shoes on the market, does it justify it's $200 retail price? Reviewers' opinions on the traction were split: the Solebrother called it "god-levels" especially on a translucent rubber pair while Nightwing2303 didn't like the white solid rubber, even on clean courts. The cushioning, however, was loved by everyone. A huge Max Air unit in the heel is combined with Zoom in the forefoot and they provide a ton of impact protection and bounce. The new Knitposite upper material is thick, soft and comfortable - but it gets pretty hot after a while. Overall, the Lebron 17 is a great performer, especially you are a heavier player looking for a comfortable and supportive shoe.

2. Adidas Exhibit A

Performance Rating:
The Adidas Exhibit A is a solid new entry into Adidas's non-signature basketball shoe lineup.
Overall rating based on 3 reviews
Has everything you need for support
Stable cushion sacrifices impact protection
What do the experts think?
Reviewers agree that the traction on the Adidas Exhibit A is very reliable. It performed consistently on both clean and dusty courts while needing only minimal wiping. The Lightstrike cushion leans more towards the firm side of things, but it is lightweight and responsive. There's a small amount of impact protection in the heel, but the setup is clearly catering towards players the favor court feel. The materials perform well on the court, they are comfortable and feel good to play in. Support in the ankle area of the shoe is a strong point. Coupled with a wide base for lateral stability, the Exhibit A is a very supportive shoe. Overall, Adidas has delivered a solid performer with the new Exhibit A. It features everything you could want for traction and support. On top of that, it's built well and positioned at a great price of just $110.

3. Adidas D Rose 11

Performance Rating:
The D Rose 11 is a solid all-around performer with nice cushion and traction
Overall rating based on 2 reviews
Comfortable cushion
Very good traction
Unorthodox fit
Materials could be better
What do the experts think?
The traction pattern is very similar to the D-Rose 7 which had some of the best traction ever. The D-Rose 11 will provide great traction indoors and outdoors after they break in a bit. The cushion features a good implementation of full-length Lightstrike. You'll get a nice balance of cushioning and impact protection with a bouncy heel and a firmer forefoot. The materials are nothing special and feel a little flimsy and cheap but they get the job done performance-wise. The D Rose 11 runs a half size big and reviewers noted a wide roomy fit in the forefoot. A great fit for athletes with wide feet, but if you have narrow feet you better stay away. The support provides very good lateral containment and stability, but there is no real ankle support. Overall, the D Rose 11 is a solid performer that's especially recommended to wide footers.

4. Under Armour Embiid 1

Performance Rating:
Joel Embiid's first signature shoe is a solid all around performer.
Overall rating based on 5 reviews
Great ventilation
Balanced cushion setup
Slightly heavy shoe
Materials could be more premium
What do the experts think?
Usually, signature sneakers are reserved for flashy guards or forwards. Very rarely does a huge 7-foot center like Joel Embiid get his own shoe. Did Under Armour make the right decision? The traction on the Embiid 1 performs well on clean courts, but some reviewers had issues on dusty courts. The outsole isn't too durable for outdoor use. The cushion setup is responsive and comfortable. It also offers good court feel for players who are quick on their feet. The materials aren't the nicest, but they perform very well on court and are very breathable. As you would expect from a shoe for a 280 lbs center, the support is great and none of the reviewers had any issues there. Overall, Joel Embiid's first signature shoe is solid all around and doesn't have any big weaknesses.

5. Adidas Dame 8

Performance Rating:
Damian Lillard's latest shoe is fun but inconsistent.
Overall rating based on 3 reviews
Bounce Pro cushion is great
Very supportive
Traction is inconsistent on dust
What do the experts think?
The latest entry in Damian Lillard's signature shoe line with Adidas, the Dame 8, features a new cushion setup. It utilizes Bounce Pro, a cushion that is a pleasure to play in and feels great underfoot. When it comes to the traction, the Dame 8 is too inconsistent. Dust is a big problem for these. The materials are light and feel comfortable on foot. Make sure to get the right size as the fit can be tricky for those that prefer a snug fit. The support and lockdown are also not an issue at all for these. Overall, the Adidas Dame 8 has a few pros going for it, but it doesn't quite live up to the performance of some of the earlier models in the lineup.

3 thoughts on “The Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet”

  1. Angela

    My son is playing high school ball and is required to wear Nikes. He has VERY wide feet, and we switched him to Adidas from Nike years ago for this reason. Any Nike recommendations that are available on the current market? All of my googling is leading me to older versions of Nikes that I can only find on Amazon, and I question the authenticity. Thanks for your help in advance!

    1. Andy

      Check out for a list of all current shoes. You can filter and sort all shoes by width. This way you should be able to find a good fit for your son.

    2. Ashley

      Just came from the Nike Outlet today, my daughter plays travel ball and has a very wide foot. She loves the KD12’s. She had to go about a half size up but they fit her perfect.

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