The Best Jordan Basketball Shoes

The Air Jordan 1 is the most iconic basketball shoe of all time and started a signature line that is still going strong today – more than 35 years later! Today, Jordan Brand is generating over $3 billion in revenue per year, accounting for 8% of Nike’s overall sales.

While a large part of this revenue comes from re-releasing older Air Jordan models like the coveted Air Jordan 11 “Concords”, Jordan Brand is still releasing some of the best performance basketball shoes on the market.

In this article, we are going to focus on the currently available Jordans that perform the best on the hardwood.

Best Jordans Shoes to Play Basketball in:

  • 9.1 rating based on 4 expert reviews
  • An update to the Jordan 34 that performs just as well if not better.
  • The perfect shoe for players of every position who want a premium experience.

  • 8.7 rating based on 2 expert reviews
  • A great all around performer at a solid price.
  • Great for any position or style of play.

  • 8.6 rating based on 8 expert reviews
  • Great allrounder with well-balanced cushioning and a lot of support
  • Works best for explosive players looking for a supportive shoe

  • 8.5 rating based on 2 expert reviews
  • Russell Westbrook's fourth signature shoe is a pretty good all-around performer.
  • Great for players who like forefoot Zoom and don't make a lot of lateral moves.

  • 8.5 rating based on 3 expert reviews
  • The Jordan Jumpman 2020 feels like a cheaper version of the excellent Air Jordan 34
  • A great overall performer that comes at a very affordable retail price

  • 8.4 rating based on 5 expert reviews
  • Russell Westbrook's third signature shoe is still very flashy but feels a lot less bulky than the predecessors
  • Works great for explosive players who like to stand out on the court

Best Jordans for Basketball

1. Air Jordan 35

Overall rating based on 4 reviews
Awesome cushion setup
Very supportive
Rubbing around heel/arch
What do the experts think?
The traction on the Jordan 35 is similar to the 34 and performs just as well. You will get consistently great grip and stopping power - just don't ruin them playing outdoors. The addition of a large volume Zoom Air unit in the heel makes the cushion of this shoe even more comfortable and responsive. The materials are premium and have a good mix of old school and new textile materials. They are breathable and don't need breaking in. The support is even better than the 34 and has nice lateral containment, stability, and ankle support. Overall the Jordan 35 is an awesome performer that lives up to the hype and the expensive retail price!
Colorways of the Air Jordan 35:

2. Jordan React Elevation

Overall rating based on 2 reviews
Great cushion setup
Traction works well on all surfaces
Materials could be more premium
What do the experts think?
The traction of the Jordan React Elevation performs nicely on clean courts, dusty courts, and outdoor courts. They have you covered no matter where you play. The cushion setup with React foam in the heel and Zoom in the forefoot is very comfortable and provides nice impact protection as well as court feel. The materials are nothing crazy, but they get the job done well and provide good support. The lacing system provides very good lockdown and reviewers found that true to size worked great. The support is also fantastic - you should have no issues with lateral containment or stability. Overall the Jordan React Elevation is a very good performer that comes in at a nice price. Reviewers had a lot of fun playing in these!
Colorways of the Jordan React Elevation:

3. Jordan Why Not Zero.2

Overall rating based on 8 reviews
Very supportive shoe
Great all-around shoe
No outstanding features
Pretty bulky materials
What do the experts think?
The design of the Why Not Zero.2 is almost as extravagant as Russell Westbrook's clothing style, but how does it perform? Most reviewers gave the traction good grades, but the majority of them liked the traction of the predecessor even better. The cushioning is no longer full-length Zoom, but that is not a big loss as the forefoot Zoom Air performs very well and the Phylon heel is super comfortable. Support and lockdown are strong features of this shoe -perfect for explosive players like Russell Westbrook! Overall, the Why Not Zero.2 is a great allrounder with flashy design and no glaring weaknesses.
Colorways of the Jordan Why Not Zero.2:

4. Jordan Why Not Zero.4

Overall rating based on 2 reviews
Solid support
Bouncy forefoot cushioning
Inconsistent traction
Materials could be more premium
What do the experts think?
The traction on Russell Westbrook's 4th signature shoe is decent on linear moves but has trouble on lateral movements. Overall it is pretty inconsistent especially on dust. The cushion features super bouncy double-stacked Zoom units in the forefoot. The court feel isn't great but still good enough. The wild mix of different materials doesn't feel very premium to the touch but they conform to your feet well and get the job done performance-wise. Go true to size and you should get a comfortable fit with minimal dead space in the toe box. The support is great all-around and has you covered for lateral stability and containment. Overall the Why Not Zero.4 is a solid performer, with the only downside being the inconsistent traction.
Colorways of the Jordan Why Not Zero.4:

5. Jordan Jumpman 2020

Overall rating based on 3 reviews
Very comfortable cushioning
Affordable retail price
Slippery on dusty courts
What do the experts think?
The Jordan Jumpman 2020 looks like a budget version of the Air Jordan 34, but is the performance comparable? The traction is really squeaky and performs great on clean courts, but tends to attract a lot of dust on dirty courts. The Phylon cushioning in the heel is soft and comfortable while the forefoot Zoom gives you nice bounce and responsiveness. Materials are what you would expect from a budget model - they don't feel premium in-hand, but they absolutely get the job done! Overall, the Jordan Jumpman 2020 is a performer without real weaknesses and a great deal at a retail price of only $110.
Colorways of the Jordan Jumpman 2020:

6. Jordan Why Not Zero.3

Overall rating based on 5 reviews
Big Zoom Air unit in the forefoot
Less bulky than previous models
Lateral sliding on dusty courts
Materials don't feel very premium in-hand
What do the experts think?
Russell Westbrook's third signature sneaker is still as flashy as his playing style, but how does it perform? The traction gets mixed reviews: critics liked it on clean courts, but lateral cuts can be problematic on dusty courts. The forefoot Zoom Air unit gives you a smooth and responsive ride and the foam in the heel provides solid impact protection. Materials don't feel or look anything close to premium but they get the job done performance-wise and are less bulky than in the previous models. The support & lockdown are really good thanks to the traditional lacing system, midfoot strap, and huge Achilles pillows. Overall, the Why Not Zer0.3 is an evolution of Russell's signature series and will work especially well for explosive players looking for a nicely-balanced sneaker.
Colorways of the Jordan Why Not Zero.3:

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