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released Oct. 2018
  • 8.9
    rating based on 3 expert reviews
  • Klay Thompon's signature shoe is a great all-around performer
  • Best for players who enjoy knitted uppers and soft cushioning
released Oct. 2019
  • 8.8
    rating based on 3 expert reviews
  • Klay Thompson's signature shoe with great traction, cushion, and no real weaknesses.
  • A durable shoe for any position or style of play.
released Nov. 2017
  • 8.8
    rating based on 5 expert reviews
  • Traction works on all surfaces, premium knitted upper and fair price
  • Great performer that will work for all players
released Nov. 2016
  • 8.8
    rating based on 3 expert reviews
  • Soft and comfortable cushioning and materials
  • Well-performing allrounder at an affordable price
released Oct. 2023
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  • 8.4
    rating based on 3 expert reviews
  • The Anta KT 9 is a solid performer which provides a comfortable and stable play style.
  • This shoe is best for players seeking stability and impact protection.
released May 2017
ANTA KT Outdoor 2 Low
  • 8.3
    rating based on 3 expert reviews
  • Soft cushioning provides a ton of impact protection
  • Works best as an affordable outdoor shoe
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Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson was drafted as the 11th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Golden State Warriors out of Washington State University. He was a member of the All-Rookie team and has since been a multiple-time All-Star, All-NBA, and NBA Champion. He has also been in on the All-Defensive Team.

Playing Style

Klay Thompson is listed at 6’6” and is one of the best pure shooters the NBA has ever seen.

KT Logo

Klay Thompson’s logo was released by Anta and features a letter “K,” his first initial, with a diagonal “11,” his jersey number, making up the upper left portion. It is the only logo that has been associated with Klay.

What Shoe Size Does Klay Thompson Wear?

Klay Thompson wears a size 15.

History of Klay Thompson Signature Shoes

Klay Thompson admitted to not knowing Anta until his agent, who was handling Rajon Rondo who’s also the brand’s athlete, introduced it to him with lots of promise. Initially, Klay was getting paid $3 million per year to don Anta products. In 2017, a year where the Warriors won the championship, the deal was upgraded to be worth up to $80 million and runs until 2026. This put him in the same endorsement bracket as Kyrie Irving and Dwyane Wade.

The Anta KT 1 was released to the public on Dec. 19, 2015.

Release Dates of Klay Thompson Signature Shoes*
* includes only shoes released in 2017 or later

Characteristics of KT Shoes

Klay Thompson is fairly new to the signature line market and is one of a few players that have signed a long term deal with a Chinese brand. His sneakers, however, have made their mark as performance beasts on the court and can be considered one of the most underrated lines. One consistent key feature of each release is solid traction.

The Anta KT 1 was fuse-based, which really reflected shoes at the time. There were mesh and plastic overlays on the back and tongue sections but the majority was still the aforementioned. The KT 2 followed suit with a very similar build. Because of the material choice, the first two were supportive and durable pairs. From the KT 3 onwards, the shoes have utilized a knit upper which moved well with the foot while also keeping things breathable and comfortable. The third, fifth, and sixth versions all had straps - the foremost on the heel collar and the latter two on the midfoot. All of Klay’s shoes have been high tops, though a low top version for some have been made available.

It’s still a mystery as to what the first iteration used as a cushion. The KT 2 and 3, meanwhile, used Anta’s A-Shock system. It featured two different density foam pads on the heel and forefoot inside a basic EVA carrier. This made the ride a lot more bouncier where it needed to be while still providing cushion all around. The KT 4 and 5 utilized full-length A-Flashfoam. This gave wearers a more smooth ride than previous models since the foam is all one piece without pucks or anything similar. The latest release features the brand’s Alti-Flashfoam. Overall, the cushion for the KT line has gotten better every year.

The lowest price for the line came with the KT 2 which went for $90, the cheapest signature sneaker in the modern era, and the most expensive was the KT 5 at $130. Anta has also released a takedown model for the main one which they are calling the KT Outdoor.

Special Colorways

The Anta KT 4 “East Bay Times”

The Anta KT 4 “East Bay Times” is definitely the most creative colorway the line has released so far. The entire shoe without exception is designed with pictures of Klay Thompson as well as articles relating to him. It also came with a special box following the same theme. It was released on July 7, 2019 and is selling at around $250 on StockX.