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released Nov. 2016
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  • 9.9
    rating based on 2 user reviews
  • Kobe Bryants first signature sneaker after retirement
  • Best for guards who prefer firm cushioning setups
released Jul. 2018
Nike Hyperdunk X
  • 9.8
    rating based on 3 user reviews
  • Solid performer at a fair price
  • Works best on clean courts
released Jul. 2022
Li-Ning Way of Wade 10
  • 9.6
    rating based on 28 user reviews
  • The Li-Ning Way of Wade 10 features an outstanding cushioning setup alongside its grippy traction.
  • This shoe is an excellent pick for quick, explosive players who enjoy a bouncy feeling in their shoes.
Li-Ning Way of Wade 9 Infinity
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  • 9.6
    rating based on 2 user reviews
  • The Li-Ning Way of Wade 9 Infinity provides plenty of traction and plays very springy.
  • Players that like to take advantage of their straight-line speed.
released Mar. 2017
Nike KD 9 Elite
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  • 9.6
    rating based on 1 user reviews
  • Improved lacing system compared to the original KD9
  • Works best for players with narrow feet looking for soft cushioning
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  • 9.5
    rating based on 4 user reviews
  • The Under Armour Curry 2 Low FloTro is the latest Curry model to receive the Flow upgrade, and the shoe performs as expected.
  • The shoe is a solid pick for fans of older Curry models who want modern tech.
released Jan. 2021
Nike Kobe 6 Protro
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  • 9.5
    rating based on 24 user reviews
  • The Kobe 6 Protro is an excellent follow-up to the original which set high standards for the Kobe line.
  • Players who want a strong performing, balanced shoe.
released Dec. 2018
Adidas T-Mac Millenium
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  • 9.5
    rating based on 2 user reviews
  • A very durable shoe with great traction and comfortable Boost cushioning
  • Perfect for T-Mac fans looking for a good all-around performer
released Sep. 2018
Adidas Pro Bounce Low
  • 9.5
    rating based on 3 user reviews
  • Traction pattern provides great traction on all surfaces
  • Great bang for the buck and should work well for positions 1-4.
released Jul. 2023
Li-Ning Wade 808 3 Ultra
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  • 9.4
    rating based on 12 user reviews
  • The Li-Ning Wade 808 3 Ultra has outstanding traction, versatile cushioning, and solid stability.
  • The perfect shoe for bouncy players who enjoy low profile yet sturdy shoes.
released Feb. 2023
Nike LeBron NXXT Gen
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  • 9.4
    rating based on 34 user reviews
  • The LeBron NXXT Gen has grippy traction and responsive cushioning.
  • This shoe is a good pick for players who don't need maximum cushioning but still want Zoom.
released Oct. 2019
  • 9.4
    rating based on 3 user reviews
  • Klay Thompson's signature shoe with great traction, cushion, and no real weaknesses.
  • A durable shoe for any position or style of play.
released Aug. 2023
Nike Giannis Immortality 3
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  • 9.3
    rating based on 3 user reviews
  • The Nike Giannis Immortality 3 is a responsive, lightweight shoe.
  • The Giannis Immortality 3 is a perfect budget pick for quick and minimal players.
released May 2023
Puma Stewie 2
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  • 9.3
    rating based on 4 user reviews
  • The Puma Stewie 2 is similar to the MB.02. The traction and cushioning are the best features.
  • This shoe is best for players looking for a low-cut version of the MB.02.
released Sep. 2022
Nike Lebron 20
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  • 9.3
    rating based on 71 user reviews
  • The Nike LeBron 20 excels with its bouncy cushion and solid traction, but it has something to offer every player.
  • Quick and explosive players will enjoy this shoe the most.
released May 2021
Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut
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  • 9.3
    rating based on 20 user reviews
  • The Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut is a great low-profile shoe packed with Nike's latest tech.
  • Players that like a fast and responsive shoe.
released Apr. 2021
Nike KD 14
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  • 9.3
    rating based on 124 user reviews
  • The KD14 is a great overall performer with no obvious weaknesses.
  • A versatile shoe that works for all type of players.
released Dec. 2020
Li-Ning Wade All City 9
  • 9.3
    rating based on 3 user reviews
  • The All City 9 is a well-rounded performer with excellent cushion.
  • A great pick for just about any position.
released Jan. 2020
Nike Kobe 5 Protro
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  • 9.3
    rating based on 17 user reviews
  • An updated version of the Kobe 5 with softer cushioning and improved traction
  • Must-have shoes for fans of the original Kobe 5
released Apr. 2019
Nike KD 12
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  • 9.3
    rating based on 23 user reviews
  • Great overall-performer with awesome full-length Zoom cushioning
  • A well-balanced shoe that works for a wide array of basketball players
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