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released Oct. 2023
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  • 9.4
    support rating based on 10 user reviews
  • The Nike LeBron 21 maintains its high level of performance while improving its support and stability.
  • The Nike LeBron 21 is fit for all play styles because of the mix of traction, cushioning and support.
released Jul. 2022
Li-Ning Way of Wade 10
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  • 9.4
    support rating based on 28 user reviews
  • The Li-Ning Way of Wade 10 features an outstanding cushioning setup alongside its grippy traction.
  • This shoe is an excellent pick for quick, explosive players who enjoy a bouncy feeling in their shoes.
released Jul. 2019
Nike Lebron Soldier 13
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  • 9.4
    support rating based on 8 user reviews
  • The Lebron Soldier 13 provides awesome traction and no real weaknesses
  • A great all-around performer that works very well for heavier players
released May 2023
Nike Cosmic Unity 3
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  • 9.3
    support rating based on 3 user reviews
  • Nike's Cosmic Unity 3 offers tons of support and durability.
  • This shoe is potentially an excellent pick for outdoor players.
released Sep. 2022
Air Jordan 37
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  • 9.3
    support rating based on 15 user reviews
  • The Air Jordan 37 is a top performer with bouncy forefoot cushioning and strong materials.
  • Recommended for forefoot-heavy players looking for a bouncy setup
released Aug. 2021
Adidas D Rose Son Of Chi
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  • 9.3
    support rating based on 12 user reviews
  • The Adidas D Rose Son of Chi features good traction and solid support.
  • Players with quick playstyles and don't need lots of impact protection.
Adidas N3XT L3V3L Futurenatural
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  • 9.3
    support rating based on 4 user reviews
  • The Adidas N3XT L3V3L brings top-notch laceless performance.
  • Best for guards or wings who need a lot of responsiveness with some ankle support.
released Jan. 2021
Nike Kobe 6 Protro
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  • 9.3
    support rating based on 24 user reviews
  • The Kobe 6 Protro is an excellent follow-up to the original which set high standards for the Kobe line.
  • Players who want a strong performing, balanced shoe.
released Sep. 2019
Nike Zoom Rize
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  • 9.3
    support rating based on 9 user reviews
  • The "takedown" version of the Nike AlphaDunk is a very versatile performer
  • Suitable for all players, especially big guys looking for support and comfort
released Aug. 2019
Jordan Jumpman Diamond Mid
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  • 9.3
    support rating based on 3 user reviews
  • Unique-looking shoe with premium materials and very good traction
  • Perfect for players who like to stand out on the court
released Jan. 2019
Jordan Why Not Zero.2
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  • 9.3
    support rating based on 4 user reviews
  • Great allrounder with well-balanced cushioning and a lot of support
  • Works best for explosive players looking for a supportive shoe
released Sep. 2018
Adidas Pro Bounce Low
  • 9.3
    support rating based on 3 user reviews
  • Traction pattern provides great traction on all surfaces
  • Great bang for the buck and should work well for positions 1-4.
released Apr. 2018
Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro
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  • 9.3
    support rating based on 4 user reviews
  • Very supportive leather upper, great traction, and responsive Zoom Air cushioning.
  • Perfect if you like old-school basketball sneakers
released May 2017
Under Armour Curry 3Zero
  • 9.3
    support rating based on 3 user reviews
  • Innovative adjustable heel works great for ankle brace wearers.
  • Curry 3Zero is a solid performer at a fair price
released Feb. 2023
Nike LeBron NXXT Gen
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  • 9.2
    support rating based on 34 user reviews
  • The LeBron NXXT Gen has grippy traction and responsive cushioning.
  • This shoe is a good pick for players who don't need maximum cushioning but still want Zoom.
released Feb. 2022
Adidas Harden Vol. 6
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  • 9.2
    support rating based on 29 user reviews
  • One of the best Harden models to date
  • Great shoe for fans of the full-length Boost setup
released Oct. 2020
Air Jordan 35
  • 9.2
    support rating based on 19 user reviews
  • An update to the Jordan 34 that performs just as well if not better.
  • The perfect shoe for players of every position who want a premium experience.
released Apr. 2019
Nike KD 12
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  • 9.2
    support rating based on 23 user reviews
  • Great overall-performer with awesome full-length Zoom cushioning
  • A well-balanced shoe that works for a wide array of basketball players
released Apr. 2018
Nike Kobe AD NXT 360
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  • 9.2
    support rating based on 6 user reviews
  • Low-top with eye-popping design, perfectly-balanced cushioning and great fit
  • Best for players looking for flashy, cutting-edge performance shoes
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